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Simple and Complete

The user experience has been a top priority during the development of digits. We took a minimalistic approach to maintain a clean environment. Rather than focusing on flashy, annoying attention grabbers we were able to focus on producing a fun, addictive and mind stimulating game.

Upon diving into digits, you will be presented with the option to play the single player mode or challenge your math skills against a friend or random opponent. Many games offer only one full experience. Digits doesn't compromise on either.

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Playful Worlds

After selecting the single player mode, users will be presented with a variety of different "worlds", each containing a unique twist. For example, Easy Mode (the first world) only allows single digit target numbers. All other worlds utilize a double digit target.

All levels contained within a world follow the same rules, but beware the later levels become more difficult. Take a look at the adjacent image. You may see an example of another world.

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Stimulating Gameplay

Weather you are playing by yourself or against another human, the gameplay is very similar. When starting a level, You will be given a target number and it is your job to find combinations of adjacent digits that add-up to the target number. Also, you may notice the other number is the real-time sum of all selected digits.

Once you grasp the art of quick addition in the early worlds, do not assume mastery just yet. The later worlds will have a few curveballs to keep your mind on edge.

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